Clinical areas

Often when we look for help from a mental health professional, we aren’t familiar with the subject’s technical language. Therefore, it is important to talk about symptoms together and give pain a name. After all, to identify difficulties is a prerequisite for facing them.

I struggle to see clearly.

My main clinical areas of expertise are:

  • Personality disorders
  • Anxiety disorders (panic attacks, stress management)
  • Mood disorders (depressive and bipolare disorder, emotions management)
  • Eating disorders
  • Disruptive, impulsive-control and conduct disorders

I also work with the following: Trauma-related disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorders, Addictive disorders, Sleep disorders.

Life cycle phases

Each life cycle phase displays specific characteristics and may bring complex problems, related to the developmental issues the person is experiencing in that moment. Psychological support can be useful to better understand what is happening and to go through changes more peacefully.


Mental disorders are caused by multiple factors (biological, environmental) and often result in symptoms which require to be treated not only with psychological sessions.
This is why I frequently work in team with other professionals (psychiatrist, general practitioner, nutritionist), who help me to provide patients with a complete and integrated treatment.