About me

Silvia Martinelli

Psychologist Psychotherapist registered to Psychologists of Lombardy Order (n° 19329)

I graduated in Clinical Psychology at University Vita-Salute San Raffaele of Milan and specialized in Psychotherapy at Area G, School of Specialization in Psychotherapy with Psychoanalitical Orientation for Adolescents and Adults.

I have worked in various clinical contexts amongst which CPS 13 (Local Mental Health Service) Policlinico Hospital and therapeutic communities like Rosa dei Venti in Como and Cassel Hospital in London. Moreover, I have been a consultant at Telema, recruiting and selecting middle management and executive profiles.
Today, I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults, both in the institutions and privately.

I enjoy working with complexity, exploring what makes people who they are: their memories, dreams, what happens in the present and their plans.
The psychodynamic-psychoanalytic approach very much emphasizes this uniqueness. It encourages a path of self-care, a time space to make sense of what happens, through the relationship with a professional.

When talking about oneself, I firmly believe in the importance of doing so using one’s mother tongue. That’s why I work in the 3 languages that I master: Italian, French, and English.