A couple exists when the relationship between two people is characterised by the need and desire to create physical and mental intimacy.
Psychologically speaking, a couple forms itself from the joint of parts of each self, two internal worlds combining and giving life to a third functioning, the couple’s one.

Although the couple members live different emotions and experiences, they adapt to one another and always look for equilibrium. Such balance can be disrupted for example by an unsettling event (grief, transfer, job loss, etc.). It is important to know that equilibrium ruptures are not always “explicit” and recognisable – it might also appear through symptoms like:

  • betrayal
  • conflicts / total absence of conflict
  • fertility issues
  • sexual dysfunctions
  • difficulties with families of origin
  • difficulties in the relationships with sons and daughters

Talking to a clinician can be helpful in order to better understand what is happening, give emotions some space and focus on recovering wellness for two.